Before School Clubs

Evidence shows that introducing elements of physical activity to children before school begins can engage their minds and prepare them for the day ahead. Our START active sessions run for up to 60 minutes and stimulate the learning experience of your child. Children enter the school day alert and ready, having engaged their minds and body.

Your child will learn valuable skills including...

  • The importance of being punctual and well prepared for the day
  • Be more alert for a dance of learning within the school
  • Understand the importance of healthy lifestyles
  • Improve coordination, balance, agility and flexibility
  • Communicate appropriately and effectively with others
  • Engage and interact appropriately with other children
  • Be given realistic challenges to achieve
  • Use tactics and strategies to increase chances of success

Children attending these activities can also work towards a Passport to Learning certificate developed by the Children’s University.

To find out more about our before school clubs in your area please contact us.